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Spell Details


Mana Cost: 0 Type: Beneficial Target Type: Self
Cast Time: 0.0 seconds Recast Time: 600.0 Skill: Alteration
Resist Type: N/A Resist Adj: N/A Spell ID: 3985
Range: N/A AE Range: N/A  
Duration: 3 ticks (18 seconds) AE Duration: 0 Push: N/A
Reagents: None
Slot 1: Decrease Current HP by 1250
Slot 2: Increase Melee Haste v2 by 30%
Slot 3: Auto cast: Pet Attune
Slot 6: Add Weapon Proc: Kinetic Strike
Cast on You: The rod attunes you to a mystical rhythm.
Cast on Other: Target is attuned.
Spells that Will Not Stack:

Blessing of the Frost
Mending Flames
Soul Expansion
Tranquil Malice
Warden's Soothing
Concealed Strikes
March of Death
Pet Attune
Spirit Strikes
Runes of the King
Aspect of the Lujein
Prismatic Flurry
Rage of Old Ikild